Mamma Mia - Trattoria

Mamma Mia - Trattoria

24 of August 2019

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The sunny Italy brings to mind unforgettable travel memories – mountains, beautiful at any time of year, turquoise seas, vineyards churning out the finest wines in the world, Tuscan landscapes and finally the unforgettable Sicilian sun and flavours which one simply yearns for... It is that longing which gave rise to Mamma Mia, a trattoria with thoroughly Italian delicacies: pizza in a thin, delicate crust from a wood fired oven, pastas according to Italian recipes, various cured meats and cheeses from the Italian Peninsula, olive oils pressed from top quality olives and wines from picturesque Italian vineyards.


Mamma Mia

14 Karmelicka St., 31-128 Kraków

Opening hours

from Monday till Sunday, 12:00 - 23:00

Phone number

+48 12 422 28 68



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